In light of Covid 19, we are offering online practical classes and home delivery of the projects kits

About us

Imposing education may make an engineer, Inspiring through shear experience & active experimentation makes a better engineer

AERO (Aeronautics Electronics & Robotics) Institute was established to prove that the science of Aeroplanes, Electronics and Robotics can be understood very well without the use of a single mathematical formula. Our course is designed to help kids understand the concept of flight, Aeroplanes, Helicopters, Aero engines, robotics etc in a simple language.

We have conducted a number of Aeromodelling demonstrations on Aeromodelling workshops and programs in various schools.

The goal of our organization is to introduce the wonderful subject Aeronautics to the Indian kids and motivate them to become the future Aeronautical engineers and Pilots.

What makes us unique?

  • Our trainers are qualified & experienced Aeronautical engineers which means that the student would not just acquire the skill to make these aircraft, robotic and electronic models but also learn the science behind them.
  • The work shop is a combination of practical model making and interactive sessions , lectures and videos.
  • The courses will be a stepping stone to a career in
    • Aeronautical Engineering
    • Mechanical Engineering
    • Electronics & Electrical Engineering
    • Robotics engineering

What we do

We at AERO help students understand the working principle and construct working remote controlled model Aeroplanes, Helicopters, Boats, Robots, Unmanned robotic vehicles, Miniature Cars, Engines and simple physics projects to name a few through maximum use of practical sessions and minimal classroom sessions / formulas.

  • Intermediate projects / models available for age group of 7 years to 12 years.

  • Advanced projects / models available for age group 13 years and above.

Our popular projects / models at AERO

Basla wood aeroplane construction

High speed boat construction

Quadcopter assembly

Remote controlled helicopter construction

Bipedal walking robot

Robotic arm on a moving platform

Tracked robotic vehicle

Nitro remote controlled car